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By now, you know that we love to make simple things a little "extra" around here! Quite simply, we know we are making some serious memories for our kiddos and deep down inside we hope that they will take some of the "extra" moments we gave them and one day give them to their own families and friends!

A Cinco De Mayo outdoor party set up, a table covered in a orange table cloth with small sombrero's on it. Different colored streamers hang from the tree above the table.

Cinco De Mayo, the 5th day of May. Here in the US, many use it is an excuse to go drink margaritas, eat tacos and over indulge in chips and guac. Who doesn't love Mexican cuisine?! Like, we could eat that shit every single day and not tire of it! Taco Bell run?! We're down! But more importantly, not many people actually know the true meaning behind just why the 5th day of May is celebrated in Mexico! Contrary to popular belief, it isn't to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day - you ready for this history lesson? Random knowledge is ALWAYS good to have and we are here to give you some! So, Cindo De Mayo is actually a day to celebrate the Mexican victory in 1862 over the French in the Battle of Puebla. On the morning of May 5, 1862, about 6,000 French troops descended upon 2,000 Mexican men. By evening, ,the Mexican men were successful - pretty bad ass right?

With movies like Coco and Encanto taking the world by storm, (we know we aren't the only ones singing Bruno all day) we thought it would be so much fun to have an afternoon Cinco De Mayo celebration for the kids - with both traditional and non-traditional aspects!

We set up a simple tablescape in our backyard complete with all the "traditional" Cinco colors and items - sombrero party hats, piñatas and a fiesta banner! We purchased all of these from Walmart for a grand total of $18! Seriously, that is ALL it took to pull this little fiesta together! You can shop the entire party below!

Different brightly colored streamers hanging from a tree

One of our most favorite parts of this backyard setup was the crepe paper that we draped over our trees! This made for a super whimsical look and also added so many more fun colors to the party other than just a simple tablescape setup. Each color was only $1 a roll and we literally TP'd our tree 🤣!! You could also use plastic tablecloths cut into strips for this if you choose, but it was super simply to toss the entire roll of crepe over the branches. We can't wait to play more with this idea and incorporate it into some more of our shin digs in the future! It was so pretty to look at and really added an unexpected touch to the party!

You can shop all of our supplies below! Of course this is just a guide so feel free to play with the colors! Anything bright and cheerful will be great!

A shopping list for a Cinco de Mayo party for kids

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  1. Mini Donkey Piñata The little piñatas make for great tabletop decor

  2. Mini Taco Pinata It isn't Cinco without tacos....why not have a piñata taco?!

  3. Plastic Tablecloth We used orange, we linked yellow - anything bright will work :)

  4. White Crepe Paper Roll Used for draping the trees

  5. Yellow Crepe Paper Roll Also used for draping the tree

  6. Blue Crepe Paper Roll More tree drape

  7. Red Crepe Paper Roll Some more 🤣

  8. Orange Crepe Paper Roll Can't have too much color hanging from the trees....

  9. Multicolor Paper Dinner Plates These come with 2 of each color! Perfect!!

  10. Multicolor Plastic Utensils Match the plates perfectly! So fun!

  11. Sombrero Party Hats Are these not the absolute best?! We HAD to have them and so do you!

  12. Fiesta Party Banner Love the color this added to the background!

  13. Jarritos Mexican Soda Your local grocery store will have these in with the Mexican foods!

  14. Mini Canvas 2 Pack For use with the Cinco De Mayo craft

  15. Rainbow Craft Cord Multi colored craft cord for craft

  16. Elmer's Glue Traditional Elmer's School Glue used for craft

Anddddd it certainly wouldn't be Cinco without some tacos, chips, salsa and Mexican Sodas, right? No tequila at this party, sorry! It was all about the kiddos today!

We also wanted to make sure that we tied some educational properties into this party so we made sure we discussed the real meaning behind Cinco De Mayo and we also decided to incorporate a traditional Mexican craft into the afternoon!

A table set up for Cinco de Mayo with sunflowers and bright colored string art as the center pieces

After much research on something simple that we could incorporate into the day but keep it traditional, we came across these super fun Huichol yarn art for kids! Huichol art (pronounced "wee-chol") comes from the Huichol Indian people who live in Western Mexico. These incredibly talented people are known for their vibrant colored string and bead art. We decided to make some of our own! These can be really intricate or simple - it really just depends on the age of the kiddos you are doing this craft with and quite simply your patience level HAHA!! ITEMS NEEDED:

A craft for a kid friendly Cinco de Mayo party, string art on a canvas

If you have younger kiddos you can absolutely let them go to town with their own little imaginations and tell you all about the beautiful artwork they created, or, you can pre-draw a simple picture for them! Think nature, landscapes and abstract pictures! We chose to keep them fairly small and bought packs 2 of mini canvas' from our local Michael's store for $3. Since we don't have many littles left, we decided to let them choose their own designs and we were so impressed with what they came up with!

A girl holding her cinco de mayo art piece


  1. If you choose, pre-draw the scene you are making

  2. Glue your yarn to your cardboard or canvas

  3. Let Dry!

It really is that simple! We will note that if you use too much school glue, the yarn will move around fairly easily which can become frustrating - trust us. We found it easiest to use glue sticks OR use something other than your fingers to "pat down" the yarn (we used the tips of scissors). These will produce some great, colorful pictures that the kids can display all while learning a history lesson - a win win in our books!

An outdoor Cinco de Mayo party, a orange table cloth covers an outdoor table with bright colored plates and silverware with mini sombreros placed on each plate. Bright colored streamers hang from the tree above.

And that is all the afternoon consisted of! Like we always say; it doesn't need to be extravagant, expensive or crazy to be memorable. Simple moments like a random sunny afternoon turned into a "party" is bound to bring smiles and giggles and that is what it's all about! The kids loved this afternoon and were so occupied with their yarn paintings we didn't even notice how fast time flew by!

Do you celebrate Cinco with the kids? We hope you can take some of these ideas and run with them for a special afternoon!

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