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Updated: May 25, 2021

Double digits! This birthday is a milestone and deserves a party to go along with it!

A Happy Birthday balloon garland with gold fringe curtain as a backdrop to the water color painting station. A rose gold, pink and gold balloon garland was the entrance to this party.

10 is tricky... it is too old for games but too young for teenage shenanigans, so what is a parent to do??? A big girl craft and a very “in” hobby paired with an adorable drink made this party pre-teen perfect! My little lady says "10 is too old for just pink decorations" (really???), so to make it more appealing, we added gold and rose gold to give a very modern vibe. The balloon garland was a show stopper and so easy to construct. Paired with rose gold fringe curtains and paper dot steamers this bland basement was completely transformed!

Speaking of the basement... We need to note quickly that the whole basement was in the middle of a major renovation when we threw the party! So what do you do when you’re celebrating an important birthday with 15 girls AND in the middle of construction?! You hide it!! In front of every unfinished wall is a hanging tablecloth. We used both plastic and linen (purchased a few, but also used whatever we had on hand to fill in)!! We used a nail gun along the ceiling to hang the heavier linens (since we were under construction, we knew we could hide the nail holes later) and tape to hang the lighter, plastic tablecloths. The result looked like it was a beautiful space to start with.

This party is a great example of how anyone can plan an amazing bash on a budget! We recycled some of the decorations from past parties, used furniture from other parts of our house (and from some neighbor houses too), and we scoured a variety of websites to find the most cost effective decor. Parties don't have to be expensive to wow your guests - reuse, shop sales, and get creative!

Here are some more behind the scenes photos of us prepping the space - always so fun to see how big of a mess we made while transforming a space into something beautiful. As you can see, everyone pitches in - including the men of Jasmine!

Now onto the activities! We decided to have the girls paint water color canvases with their first initial on them. We used a Cricket machine to cut out the letters for each girl attending the party. This activity really seemed to get their creative juices flowing as they started to paint their piece. Every girl did something unique and fun using bright, pastel, and pearlescent shades. The end results were beautiful and the girls were excited to take their masterpieces home and display them in their rooms!

After painting - a quick game of MASH and beverages to keep them occupied as we got everything ready for the next activity. The amount of giggles that came from that room when they all found out who they were “marrying” was the absolute cutest!

The drink - a good old fashion Shirley Temple - was so easy and always a winner with kids. Just combine Sprite and cherry juice in a “big girl glass” and drop in some rock candy + a cherry and this is guaranteed to be a hit!

Next up - it was time for the last activity - Build Your Own Succulent! Succulents are all the rage right now and supposedly super easy to care for (however, we have definitely killed a few 😳). We put all our faith in their green thumbs and let them get to work. Here are the steps they took:

  1. Starting with a clean mason jar, add about a half inch of Decorative stones to the bottom

  2. Add succulent soil and fill about halfway

  3. Use your fingers to make a hole in the dirt you just added - it will need to be big enough to fit the succulent plant

  4. Remove your succulent from its original container and gently break up the roots until a good amount of the original soil has fallen off

  5. Place the succulent into the mason jar

  6. Add any more soil needed - you will want the soil to be about a half inch from the top of the jar

  7. Top with crushed stone.

  8. Lightly water each plant using a spray bottle

Voila! What an amazing take home gift each kid gets. Much better than a bag of candy if you ask us!

The party was a HUGE success! Each kid was truly entertained and the party will definitely be a memory the birthday girl will never forget!



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