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We are lucky enough to team up with some terrific brands for our events! One of them is Bottle Bash...we all love to play Bottle Bash, it is a serious game in this hood and they were kind enough to sponsor our first annual Tuesday on Jasmine Bottle Bash Tournament by providing us with all the game sets and swag we needed!

A balloon arch with black, yellow and green balloons with a hand painted sign for a Bottle Bash tournament. A concession stand and bracket board are in the background.

If you haven't heard of or played Bottle Bash before, you seriously have to give it a try! This is our go-to yard game for all of our outside get togethers and events. Here's a quick overview of how you play...The game set includes a set of two poles, two bottles and one frisbee. The poles get setup about 30 feet apart and a bottle is placed on the top of each pole. Teams then throw the frisbee at the poles trying to knock down the bottles. If a bottle is knocked down, the team earns 2 points. If the frisbee isn't caught, 1 point is earned. If both hit the ground, 3 points are earned! It is a blast and gets super competitive!

The Bottle Bash game set laid out on the grass.

With the teams randomly selected and the bracket ready (this was a whole process 🤣), we set up the event at our neighborhood park and got down to business! Each team had a matching bandana color and the TOJ ladies were rocking our Bottle Bash t-shirts!

Ladies wearing Bottle Bash shirts standing in a balloon arch featuring black, green and yellow balloons on a gold hoop.

We had 7 teams and played a double elimination style tournament that took us a significantly longer time than anticipated. - about 3 hours total (when you are old and out of shape, that's a long time, don't judge us haha). It was such a fun and exciting afternoon that we decided this will be an annual occurrence here on Jasmine!

There were bumps and bruises, broken nails and skinned knees but in the end we crowned the yellow team victorious. Kailey & Austin were rockstars, way to go guys!! Shoutout to Crown Awards for such fast service! We ordered first and second place trophies from them and they came the next day, personalized and all!

Personalized Bottle Bash trophies in front of a large printed tournament bracket board. With Bottle Bash stickers and bandanas on top of the table as décor.
3 games of Bottle Bash going at the same time for a Bottle Bash Tournament. The 3 teams all playing in front of a large balloon arch.

The kids even got in on the fun! We setup a separate set that they could play with throughout the day. Check out some of these action shots and those SMILES :)

It wouldn't be a tournament without having somewhere to grub on all the concession food everyone loves! We put together this concession stand canopy that was built to sit perfectly atop a 6 foot table, however, we used a slightly larger one just to provide some more space. This was a fast, cheap and easy project that provided a great focal point and can be reused and customized to many parties! This will definitely be taking a space in our 'leftover' party bins!

A concession stand with a black and white striped canopy on top of a large table with a black table cloth. Chips are hung on a string across the back, cups of popcorn are stacked in the center. A menu sign is behind a plate of corn dogs and a 2 tiered tray is filled with candy.
Kids standing in front of the snack bar holding candy. Chips are seen strung up behind them. The concession stand has a black and white striped canopy.

We started the day with some easy snacks like nachos, chips, candy and popcorn. Then, brought out some of the kids favorites: hotdogs and corndogs!

We wanted to keep with the traditional Bottle Bash colors, so we filled up these fun green water bottles with Gatorade and embellished them with Bottle Bash stickers! The kids loved these and they cut down on half drank gatorade bottles sitting around (all mom's know exactly what we are talking about)!

A bucket filled with ice and green spots water bottles with Bottle Bash stickers on them.

We also were lucky enough to partner with local ballon artist, The Balloon Lady! She put together this beautiful coordinating balloon arch on a 9 foot tall golden ring. She does AMAZING work and is so kind and easy to work with. We highly recommend her for all of your party balloon needs!

A large balloon arch on a golden hoop filled with black, yellow and green balloons. The balloon arch sits in front of a hand painted sign welcoming guests to a Bottle Bash tournament

Shout out to the men behind the women - it wouldn't be a Jasmine bash without the hubbies pitching in, right? Remember the bar and axe throwing station they built us?! This time, one of the artistic hubbies hand painted us this beautiful TOJ Bottle Bash tournament sign on one of our left over fence boards (that we also used for the Cheers & Beers signs!). We are always so thankful for their willingness to lend us a hand whether it's sampling our drinks, building us props, or blowing up our balloons - we love all 5 of them!

A hand painted sign for a Bottle Bash tournament hosted by Tuesday on Jasmine, with the bottle bash frisbee hanging on the corner.

Thanks again to both Bottle Bash and The Balloon Lady for teaming up with us to create an awesome event! We can't recommend a day of fun, friends and Bottle Bash enough! Give it a try!

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