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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

If you've been following along with us, you know our motto - making small moments memorable and affordable! We love to make memories with our kids - big or small and love to share that love with our fellow neighbors, when possible!

Along came the idea of Boo Baskets for the Halloween season! They are an easy and affordable way to spread some Halloween cheer and get the kids and adults involved in giving back to the local community as well!

A  Boo Basket filled with a variety of Halloween goodies. A Boo hand towel hangs out front of the basket. Halloween crafting kids and coloring books fill the basket along with Halloween pencils, candy and skeleton  hands.

The Basic Idea: create a Halloween themed basket of goodies, surprise a neighbor family, and ask them to continue the trend by surprising someone else in the neighborhood!

We decided each of our Jasmine families would be in charge of creating one basket (this ended up being so much fun, we struggled with sticking to just one) - so in total, we had 5 baskets to deliver to other families in our neighborhood. You could take this route and team up with some of your neighbors or just start the fun with one basket - there is no minimum!

Next you want to set a budget for your baskets - make sure that you make it a budget that everyone can follow and won't create an unnecessary burden for someone who may want to participate! We kept ours to $20-25 maximum.

Then, you go to town shopping! Hit up your local Dollar Tree or Dollar General stores, the Target dollar spot, discount stores, and craft stores for all kinds of fun Halloween goodies - think coloring books, little trinkets, candles, mugs, candy etc! Get creative! This can be so much fun to shop for! Check out examples of each basket below....



In this basket you will find items more suited for an adult. Items below include a fall scented candle, decorative napkins with a harvest spiced soap you could put out together in a bathroom. Tea towels for your kitchen with a bag of Vermont maple flavored coffee and maybe when you need that afternoon cocktail you could add some fireball to it :) The bucket itself is metal, which would look super cute with candles inside set out on trick or treat night. This entire bucket was purchased from HomeGoods , minus the fireball.

A green Halloween Boo Basket filled with a variety of Halloween goodies such as a hand towel, note pad, candle and paper napkins.



This pumpkin themed linen basket was purchased from TJ Maxx and included lots of goodies from the Dollar Tree, Target and Aldis. We fell in love with those skeleton hand tongs (from Dollar Tree) and knew they would be a great addition to the basket!

A pumpkin themed linen Boo Basket filled with a variety of Halloween goodies. A Boo! hand towel, Werther's candies, Halloween themed pencils, pumpkin carving kit, kid craft kits, skeleton arm tongs and a large black spider.



We purchased this linen basket from the Dollar General and stuffed it full of spooky season fun from Target, Dollar Tree, Aldi and Joann's Fabric. This basket was geared towards younger kids, teenagers & adults! We could NOT pass up a bottle of Tequila with skeletons on it! 😉

A pumpkin linen Boo Basket filled with Halloween goodies. A fall themed coffee mug, black nail polish, a pumpkin scented candle, Halloween socks,  tequila, Halloween themed sticker book and Halloween themed shot glasses.



With a simple bucket we purchased from the local grocery store (Giant Foods) we filled this boo basket with goodies from Target, Shein, The Dollar Store & Giant. This basket was headed for a family with a few kiddos so we doubled up on some of the items (so there was no arguing...) but we are sure that the whole family will enjoy!

A black spider web themed Boo Basket filled with Halloween goodies and cob webs and little spiders attached. A Halloween sticker book, glow in the dark kits, and cellophane bags filled with Halloween candy



This Trick or Treat bucket was picked up from Target and filled it with tons of spooky goods from Target, Michaels and Shein. This Boo Basket was created for an adult female who is a dog mom, we couldn't leave out the pup when putting together this Boo Basket!

An orange trick or treat themed Boo Basket filled with a variety of Halloween goodies including a skeleton candle and witch sign placed next to it. Halloween themed wine glasses, a bat shaped pop-it, orange and black striped socks, Boo Straws, and Halloween candy all fill this basket.


NOTE: We wanted to include some fun adult drink options in the baskets. To keep it safe for the families, we inserted a Halloween themed cellophane bag in each basket and labeled it "ADULTS ONLY." This is completely optional and you can choose to make your baskets completely kid friendly or stick to one made just for adults!

Finally, you will want to make sure your neighbors understand what this fun surprise basket is AND that you want them to continue the trend by surprising another family! To do that, we ordered Boo Basket Printables from Party Hop Shop. You simply print these out and insert them into the baskets. Each basket will include two sheets, one includes instructions on what to do next, the other is a "We've Been Booed" sign that neighbors can hang in their window after they have received a basket, so the rest of the neighborhood knows that they have been "BOOED." This allows everyone to have an equal chance of receiving a fun basket and cuts down on duplicate deliveries to the same house!

Signs and instructions for the Boo Baskets. A ghost holding a sign that says BOO is on top of both the Boo Basket instructions and the Boo Basket flyer.

NOTE: We made sure to put extra ghost printouts in envelopes that traveled with each basket from house to house so no-one would have the burden of printing their own!

And now for the fun part....The Delivery!! We loaded the kids in the back of one of our hubbies trucks and drove them around the neighborhood around dusk to pick the houses and deliver the baskets! They LOVED this, and it was so fun to see their excitement while giving back to local families! The mommas may have been more excited than them, to be honest :)

The Tuesday on Jasmine ladies with their kids sitting together in the back of a truck with the Boo Baskets right before delivering theme around their neighborhood

Ideally, other neighbors will get in on the fun and pass this along through the neighborhood for the month of October. We can't wait to see how long this goes on and how many neighbors get in on the fun!

We would love to see your creations and hear about your Boo Baskets! Let us know below or tag us on Facebook/Instagram if you tried it!

This is also a really great idea to enact for any time of the year - Christmas, Easter, Summer, Valentines, etc. The sky is the limit! Enjoy turning a small moment into a memorable one - we hope you love it as much as we do! 🧡

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