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Updated: Apr 6, 2022

One of our own Gents finished his education journey and we couldn't be more proud. This is a celebration fit for a king with all the things he loves: beer, good food and some "manly" party activities!!

cheers and beers tablescape with black tablecloth, striped runner, beer jell-o, cocktail napkins, snacks, signs

Since the party was a surprise, we knew we wanted to make a BIG impact when the grad arrived. We blew up some photos, had them printed at our local Staples, cut out the faces and attached them to a strip of poster board. All of the guests held them up when the grad arrived. We can't stop laughing at some of our little ones holding these faces! HAHA!!

All the guests at the  party held up the guest of honors face to try to make the surprise party even more fun to start

To set the tone, we created hand painted signs to give the party a theme, mention the activities and label the "beer barrow" :) Fun fact: the signs were made out of old panels from a fence we removed from one of our yards!! We cut the panels down to the size we needed and made sure to cut so we wouldn't have to nail anything back together. This saved us a huge amount of money by using something that would have just been thrown away!

Black tablecloths were used along with black and white striped table runners to help the food tables stand out from the greenery in the background while still keeping the masculine feel. As always, we pulled things from our houses and past parties to fill in where ever needed - wooden crates, miscellaneous decor, beer glasses, etc.!

The grad is a big fan of beer so we knew we had to stock the party with a variety of great options. Check out the types we went with below:

We filled a wheel barrow with ice and added the beer for a perfect open cooler! You'll also notice the wood pile behind it...did we want it to be part of the party? NO. Did we want to move it while setting up? Also NO. Was it a happy accident that it just happened to go with the theme of the party?! YEP! Instead of making extra work for ourselves, we worked it into the party setup which added some fun texture and character.

We made the party menu by using all of the grads favorite foods. Check out what we served below:

  • Pulled pork with 4 BBQ sauce options

  • Coleslaw

  • Sloppy joes

  • Mac and cheese

  • Candied bacon on a stick

  • Soft pretzels

For some added table fillers we added bowls and glasses filled with peanuts, party mix and pretzels.

A rustic wood sign saying "You Graduated, Let's Drink" as the backdrop to the food table with BBQ pulled pork, mac and cheese and coleslaw

To add to the beer theme, we created some simple jello treats for the kids that doubled as a fun decoration for the main food table! These were super easy to make by mixing orange and lemon jello together, then pour into mini beer glasses and refrigerate until the jello is firm. When they were ready to place on the table we topped them with cool whip and there you have it - the cutest little mini beer decoration!!

a kid friendly snack of orange jello topped with whipped cream to look like beer, set on top of wood crates. A rustic Cheers and Beers sign and large cutouts of the guest of honors face for the guests to hide behind when he arrived..

Lastly for the food, one of the grads MOST favorite snacks is POPCORN. Emma's Gourmet Popcorn, a local popcorn maker, provided some amazing flavors for us to put on display! This treat was a hit with the kids AND adults!

A popcorn bar with six different flavors of popcorn in white and tin buckets, set on top of a table with a black table cloth and a black and white striped runner. The large wooden rustic sign set the stage for the whole area.

Next up, we wanted the activity stations to be fun for kids and adults, but still match well to the party theme. We will walk you through these one by one because they were a serious blast...


The main event was an axe throwing station that was hand built by one of our super talented husbands!! We all took turns seeing who could get closest to the bullseye. This was the one activity the kids weren’t allowed to participate in. However some of our teens got in on the action with a little bit of supervision :)

Axe throwing station with a drawn on bullseye and a rustic "Axe Throwing' sign displayed, a small table placed with a bucket to hold the axes as well as some snacks and a Beer sign.


This one was a much easier setup. We searched Facebook Marketplace for a cheap wooden ladder to give the game some character. We found one for only $10!! Then, stacked the empty beer cans on the steps and used a slingshot to knock the cans down with some wooden beads we found at Michaels. The kids loved this one and it ended up being a pretty competitive competition for the adults! At some point our guests started using one of the face cutouts to aim at HAHA! See the last photo below!

Someone hit the bullseye (which was the face cutout of the guest of honor) during beer sling shot, staged with a rustic wood sign naming the activity and a picture in the background of the guest of honor carrying a beer keg, perfect of a beer party!


Who didn’t love a good game of battleship when they were younger?! This activity turned the classic game into a jumbo party activity! We taped together some styrofoam blocks found at Dollar tree. Then cut out openings so the cups could sit down inside. There were two colors of cups which allowed the players to pick a team color. You remove a cup when a ball lands inside and the "ships" are sunk when all cups are removed from a ship. The last color left in the pool wins! Also can't forget to mention the beautiful black and white striped pool we found at Target that matched the party perfectly!!

Battleship beer pong set up in a white and black striped blow up pool to match the black and white theme. The cups were the battleship targets, 2 colors were used to show the 2 different teams

This party was such a fun celebration of an amazing achievement!! The activity stations kept all of the guests busy for hours and fun was had by all! We will leave you with one more photo of the kids with the cutout faces....because....we are still giggling HAHA.

Some of the kids at the party holding up the guest of honors face cut out, such a silly sight


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