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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

A birthday party - in a tent? Why not?!

Glam birthday party in a tent, string lights hung for ambiance, a giant bean bag with throw pillows for seating, wooden crates used at a bookshelf decorated with photos and gold decor topped with a sign saying "Jill's She Shed". A side table lite up with a lamp and fairy lights  holding martini glasses and a bucket next to it with the birthday girls drink of choice, balloons scattered throughout and other gold banners and signs strung around for decor.

We are so excited to share this party with you!!! We created this 'she shed' party in a tent in one of our backyards!

A large tents set up in the back yard for a birthday party

Thinking outside the box when it comes to parties can really lead to some amazing conceptual ideas! This birthday party just so happened to fall on the same day as our annual Friends-giving, so we were unable to take our friend to dinner (like we normally would have). That got us thinking - what can we do that she would NEVER expect? We pulled out one of our tents, and went to town! We should note that this particular friend is not the biggest fan of camping or tents, which made this grand reveal even better!

Almost everything inside of the tent came from our homes - the crates, chalkboards, sofa, pillows and throws, side tables and even the massive love sac we rolled outside! Pulling from your house really cuts down on unnecessary decor expenses and helps to keep you within your budget. We ran some electric from the house to fuel the space heater and lamps since it was a cold, rainy night in November.

We even set up a little bar in the corner of the tent - serving up her favorite drink: Chocolate Martinis!!

We pulled off a huge surprise and spent a good couple hours inside of a tent that was completely transformed into a fun hangout space with little touches of the birthday girl's favorites - food, family photos, drinks and people!

tent staged to look like living room with couch, birthday party decor and side tables

So the next time you are struggling to think of a party idea - take your wildest idea and run with it! The most unique parties make the best memories!



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