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Dyeing Easter eggs sure has come a long way since we were kids and you would break out all the coffee mugs your parents owned, boil water and fill each cup with water, vinegar and food coloring! Maybe some of you reading this still do it that way, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that - we love a little nostalgia! There are so many neat kits floating around out there, but to be honest, we have found them to not work as well as advertised and often times they can be super messy!

Funny story - one of our now teenagers actually ATE one of those little dye tabs from the egg dye kits when they were a toddler - while we were on the phone with poison control and completely freaking out, they had the nerve to ask for a second - we kid you not - cannot make that crazy story up! If you asked this child about it today - they remember but don't like to admit it 🤣 Just an FYI - they're not toxic and if your child decides to eat one this year, they'll be okay LOL

Anywho, it wouldn't be Easter without spending some time in the kitchen with your kids dyeing those eggs that they probably aren't going to eat anyway, would it?! 🤣 That is why we dug deep and found five unique ideas for dying eggs that you can try with your kids this year! Each one a little different, but still all with amazing outcomes! We tried every one for you and have provided full instructions and photos below! We hope you find one you like and can give a try!



We love the natural hues of nature, they give off a soft and calming vibe. Or at least we think so, that’s why when looking for natural ways to dye Easter eggs we fell in love with using red cabbage! Red cabbage will produce the most magical shades of robin’s egg blue that you have ever seen! Yep, blue, can you believe it? Check out how we made them in a few easy steps. Promise you will be hooked, they are gorgeous!

Robin's Egg dyed Easter eggs with gold flecks


  • Dozen eggs (hard boiled)

  • 1 head of red cabbage

  • 4 Tablespoons of white vinegar

  • Metallic gold paint (edible if you will be eating eggs after)

  • Old toothbrush or thick bristle paint brush


  • To begin, roughly chop a head of red cabbage

  • Place red cabbage in a large pot with 5 cups of water. Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 45 min.

  • Allow cabbage to cool completely, then strain the cabbage from the cabbage dye.

  • Stir in 4 tbsp of white vinegar.

  • Place your eggs in a deep dish or bowl.

  • Pour your dye over the eggs. Try to have each of the eggs completely covered and not touching if possible.

  • Allow eggs to soak – vary times to get assorted hues of blue.

  • Let eggs dry. Once dry, you can leave them as they are or speckle them with edible gold paint. To do so, dip your toothbrush in the paint and the use your thumb to spatter the eggs with your paint. Once the first side has dried turn and repeat on other side of egg.

*TIP: The longer you soak your eggs the darker they will get, we took our first batch out after an hour, the second after an hour and 45 min and the third after 3 hours for reference.

We honestly cannot say enough about these eggs, so in love with them! Would definitely recommend in a heartbeat!



We chose this idea because we loved that there wasn't much to it and it doesn't involve a bunch of mess and difficult steps! You will need one specific item - bleeding tissue paper - you can order this off of Amazon HERE. The pack we ordered arrived next day with over 100 sheets for approximately $11!

Tissue paper dyed Easter eggs


That's it! Three items and you are ready to dye some seriously cool Easter eggs!

Hard boiled eggs laying on top of small torn pieces of tissue paper and a spray bottle next to them.


  1. Boil your eggs

  2. Cut or tear tissue paper into pieces (you can also choose to leave some pieces whole if you are looking for one color eggs!)

  3. Spray egg with water and stick tissue paper to egg. If it doesn't stick right away, spray some more! Water is your friend with this one!

  4. Continue step 3 until your egg is completely covered with tissue paper

  5. Once it is to your liking, give it one more spray of water and set aside to dry

  6. After about 10 minutes - the tissue paper should be dry and hard - peel it off!

  7. Reveal your fun colored egg!

This is the simplest and so great for those younger kiddos - it also gives awesome small motor skills practice to the toddlers - win win!

Tissue paper dyed Easter egg in a variety of soft colors

**Note - because the tissue paper does "bleed," it will color your hands a little! It does NOT immediately wash off but will fade through the day!



We were looking for something to dye our eggs with this year that we already had in our kitchen cabinets. Loving earthy tones we decided to do dyed spinach and coffee eggs, hoping for pretty browns and green! As we started the process, the spinach eggs were not yielding the results we would have hoped for. We let them sit all day and nothing was happening! We then focused on our coffee eggs which gave us beautiful results. Letting them sit for two different time frames gave us two different shades of brown. Now we love this earthy hue, and would have been fine with it other than it looked like we could have just went out and bought brown eggs. hahaha. So to turn it into that Easter feeling, we got out our trusty Posca marker paint pens and drew some fun designs on the brown eggs. Still that earthy feeling, but with some white design, definitely brightened these little guys up.

Coffee dyed Easter eggs with white designs drawn on them.



We love the earthy hue the coffee gave these eggs! They may not be popping with bright colors, or the kids favorite, but they were definitely an adult favorite.

Coffee dyed Easter eggs with white designs drawn on them



If you're looking for an easy egg painting option - this one is for you! AND chances are, you already have the items needed to create these colorful eggs! The process for creating watercolor painted eggs was super simple and such a breeze to clean up. We happened to have Neon watercolor paint on hand which really helped to add a color POP once they dried, however, the typical watercolor paint for the Dollar store would definitely do the trick!

Water color painted Easter eggs drying on a plate


  • Any amount of hard boiled eggs

  • Watercolor paint (any brand will work)

  • Cup of water

  • Various sized paint brushes

  • Cardstock Paper

  • Tape


  • Cut your cardstock into 1" strips along the shorter side of the paper

  • Roll each strip into a circle and tape together to create a little stand for your egg to sit on. We created 6 of these (about as many as will fill the plate or decorating area)

  • Sit your hard boiled egg on a stand

  • Dip your brush into the water and then into the paint color of your choice *TIP: Swirl the brush around in the paint for a good number of seconds, then dip brush back into the water, then back in the paint, and so on....This allows more pigment to adhere to your brush AND brighter results on your eggs :)

  • Time to paint your eggs! Try different techniques - One of our littles really liked just touching the brush to the top of the eggs and letting the paint drip down to the bottom. You can also paint designs (use slightly less water with the paint), then add more color after the first coat was completely dry so your colors don't immediately combine!

The best part about all of these ideas: there is no wrong way to paint an egg! Let your kids explore, mix colors and get creative!



This is such a fun and easy way to create brightly colored Easter eggs and the best part is that it's completely customizable! You'll likely have everything you need on hand, but if you want to be more creative take a run to your nearest Dollar Store for some cheap nail polishe in the color combinations you desire! It took us a few different techniques to perfect this (while trying to make a minimal amount of mess) but we have come up with a great way that won't leave you with nail polish all over your hands!

Nail polish dyed Easter eggs with a variety of bright colors laying in grass


  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Plastic bowl or Tupperware (one you don't love because it will be ruined after this)

  • A variety of colors of nail polishes (the more you have the better, you can create more combinations)

  • Floral wire or any thin wire that hold its shape


  • Fill your bowl or Tupperware with lukewarm water *TIP: fill it up so that the whole egg will be submerged!

  • Make sure all of the eggs are dry

  • Cut your wire to about 10 inches long, wrap it around the egg longways, twist the wire tight so there is no wiggle room for the egg to fall

  • Pick a few nail polishes for one egg, drip and drizzle each color making sure to move around the water so the colors swirl together

  • Slowly dunk the egg into the color, move the egg around so when you pull it back up it will get pulled through more color. *TIP: It's best to go slow and only dunk once, we found the nail polish got thick if we dunked the egg more than once

  • Set the egg somewhere to dry, it will drip so make sure you have paper towels underneath the drying area *TIP: keep the wire on the eggs until they are completely dry (this is important, otherwise the nail polish will transfer from the egg to your fingers and create a huge mess that only gets solved with nail polish remover 😒)

  • Repeat the wire step and nail polish step with each egg, don't be afraid to switch color combinations, we used at least 3 colors for each egg.

  • Once your eggs are dry undo the wire and take it off of the egg *TIP: put your fingers on the nail polish around the part of the wire you are taking off, otherwise the nail polish could peel off of the egg (we found this happened on the sections that had a thicker amount of nail polish on them

  • Enjoy your beautiful, bright, marble looking Easter eggs!

We love how bright and fun these eggs turned out! You can go as crazy or as neutral as you would like for these eggs, the color is completely up to what nail polishes you use. Love the monochromatic look? Then grab different shades of pink. Prefer more of a funky vibe? Then pick a variety of colors that contrast!

brightly colored nail polish dyed Easter eggs laying in clover

If you try any of our ideas, be sure to let us know in the comments below, or, tag us on your social media post! We love the feedback and to see your kiddos in action!

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