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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Next weekend is the 4th of July and we wanted to get a head start on the festivities! We gathered our Jasmine crew together for a day full of sun, fun, and good food which lent itself to the best patriotic party!

DIY under deck pallet bar with red white and blue Fourth of July party decorations

The pool definitely set the stage on this hot and VERY humid 90 degree day. Let's face it - there was no looking cute on this day! We spent the majority of the time in the pool with the kiddos! We added some star spangled pool floats and American flag towels for our party guests to use, which also made for easy and reusable decor! Double win!

Almost every corner you turned, you could find a tribute with American flags We featured two large ones hanging from different spots, as well as a DIY wooden flag made from scrap from one of our houses (again, cutting down on costs!).

porch decorated for Fourth of July with American flags

You couldn't miss the color theme of this party, as red, white and blue fringe banners were draped from festoon lights over the yard. These were DIY by Tuesday on Jasmine and were easily made with table cloths from Party City.

We painstakingly assembled a flag out of balloons for a photo station backdrop, to show off our Stars and Stripes, however, it was not our favorite, nor was it the sun's favorite. We were able to snap a few photos in front of it before the entire backdrop drooped onto the deck and popped - proof is in the pudding that sometimes, the best laid plans end in a heaping mess on the ground :).

DIY American flag made from red, white and blue balloons

Check out some behind the scenes photos of us pulling this one together. Even the kids helped!

We are obsessed with these photos we captured of some of the neighborhood husbands in front of the wall!


Once the sun set we had the kiddos gather for a good ole fashion pie eating contest. The prize up for grabs - all the rage right now, an American flag pop-it fidget! Once they saw that, the game was on! Hands behind the back, ready, set go! Check out some of these live shots - this was hands down one of the funniest moments of the party! Mini 3 inch pies were purchased from Walmart and they were the perfect size for the competition.

pie eating contest table with a gluten free cherry pie and mini cherry pies scattered around it

We also had time for the kids to get creative and paint their best patriotic rock! We love using Posca markers, the colors are vibrant and so easy to create with! This is a great activity to add to any party. You could use them as take home favors OR scatter them around your town as a part of 'kindness rocks' and see where they end up!

painted rocks using POSCA pens in patriotic themes

As a fun take away, we gifted the kids with favor buckets. These were filled with everything a kid could want for the a 4th celebration - flags, snappers, poppers, patriotic glasses, confetti and of course candy!

And let us not forget the Adults – they all received fun USA coozies with a surprise Smirnoff ICE filled inside. HAHA! Joke was on them - have you been iced before?

Smirnoff ice seltzers in USA themed seltzer coozies

FOOD The Hot Dog and Burger Bar were created to keep things simple and classic! Accompanying that was a condiment station featuring these cute tin pails placed on an old ladder for easy access and of course a unique focal point. In addition to that was Watermelon Stars, Corn on the Cob, Pasta Salad, Mac n cheese and baked beans!

a table of hot dogs and hamburgers in red and white gingham serving boxes
watermelon star cutouts beside a tray of blueberry and watermelon fruit skewers


All guests could enjoy a Tea, Lemonade and an Infused Water station that was featured under a patriotic Balloon Garland. In addition to that, there was Titos, Smirnoff, and Still Works Tattered flag Vodka for an easy add on spiked option for our adults. Also peep this fun bar a couple of our talented hubbies built for us just two short days before the party!

an under the deck DIY pallet bar with a beverage station and red, white and blue balloon arch above it

Mid party the kids were treated to Shirly Temples and the adults received bomb pop jello shots! Mind you these babies were pretty, but not as sweet as we would have liked!

bomb pop jello shot display with sign

To end the night, our resident pyro husband put on a beautiful fireworks display that all the kiddos and adults enjoyed alike! It is always one of our favorite moments to see all our kiddos lined up taking in the moment after a long day!

a firework exploding overhead

Do you have any 4th of July celebration traditions? Tell us below! Happy 4th of July!



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