Hi! I'm Kailey! I am so excited you are here to join in our journey! We can't wait to share it with you!


I am a full blown girl mom to two of the little ladies on the block, a dance chauffeur and (also) married to my high school sweetheart.

As much as I love a good time, I am a homebody - I truly recharge by being alone - and you will often find me on a Friday night perfectly content on my couch, in my sweats, decompressing from the week.  I can't say I've ever had a knack for parties or decor and honestly, for awhile, I cringed at the fact of having to host a party!  I always thought it was so much money, so much work, so much entertaining.  That has changed now, and I am excited to help others like myself discover their love for a good party! I also lack any sort of artistic bone in my body, but I do enjoy the logistical planning part and I love to see the end result when all your hard work pays off! 


To me, Jasmine is my family.  It is love, friendship and support.  It is my village; my tribe.  They are some of my kids biggest fans and supporters and I know that these are the people who will walk through life with us, through hills and valleys, good times and bad.  Meeting them has absolutely changed our lives and I will be forever grateful that I was lucky enough to have a home on Jasmine and add 15 of the most beautiful souls to our lives!


I love the BEACH! It is my place of solace. However, I am TERRIFIED of the water!

I am a shark nerd. I have never missed a Shark Week since I was old enough to know what Shark Week was. They say knowledge is power, but I think my knowledge fuels my above fear a little bit!

ROLL TIDE! I love football - especially Alabama football. One of my top bucket list items: attend a game in Bryant - Denny Stadium!

I have seen a PSYCHIC MEDIUM. If you dig hard enough, you may be able to find it on YouTube. Believe it or not, it was an incredible and healing experience for me!


My go-to drink is definitely a DIRTY MARTINI.
I swear, we have seriously perfected the recipe - check it out below!