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Hey guys, I'm Jonnaysa, lover of all things social!


You can find me on the daily spending time with my hubs (we just celebrated our 15 year anniversary this summer) and our two fun-loving crazy kiddos!

In my past life I went to business school for legal administration and worked at a law firm for 6 years. This inspired my interest in the organization of details, time management, and flow. It was from there I knew I was interested in more and started a wedding planning business that I owned and operated for the last 14 years!  2020 brought many crazy things for all! For me, it was time to sell my business and welcome the freedom of weekends with my family and friends.  Event management will always be in my blood and the love for a good party, whatever the theme may be!


In my present life I am on this wild crazy beautiful ride called Jasmine Place. Yes, that is the street I live on but so much more.  It is where I met these lovely other mommas, their families and fur babies. Over the past 4 years it has become quite the norm to know where I can find my kiddos if they aren't in our house, who I can talk to if I just need to vent about nothing important, and my favorite....gathering on Tuesdays to change up the pace of the normal mundane work week. Every day should be a party, right?! 



and have 3!! Crazy cat lady they say....

To date, I am still

BEST FRIENDS with the girls I have known since 4th grade! 28 years and going strong!

I have ONE SISTER and we are 7 years apart (I am older and wiser). We now work together and she is my boss, haha!

I can do a SPLIT, so I guess I am pretty flexible!



My go-to drink is a COSMO. They are pretty, strong and refreshing! Check out my favorite recipe below.

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