Hi guys! I'm Jess, and I am so excited to share Tuesday on Jasmine with you!

I am a proud mom to three amazingly talented kids (who I get to chauffeur around for all of their different activities.  I am (also) married to my high school sweetheart!  We have now been together for over half of our lives! I am also a dog mom to our sweet old lady boxer, Sammi!

During the day I am an interior designer, furniture painter, accent wall creator and a furniture stager... really, my happy place is when I'm making things pretty. My design eye has always been apart of me, when I was bored as a teen I would rearrange my bedroom, not just the decor but would completely change my entire room.


Even though I've always had a passion for design it's not what I thought I would do for a living! I studied health and sports medicine in college. I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, and after having our 3rd baby, I felt the need to do something for me. So I started repurposing furniture, which grew to me selling pieces privately, then in a local store. Now I am lucky enough to be able to work with clients inside their homes.


That organic growth is also how Tuesday on Jasmine came about. What started with tiny children playing in the yards and us adults waving hello, tuned into once a month dinners to where we are today, one giant neighbor family! The kids run from house to house without a care in the world, us adults can gather for a giant blow out party (which we clearly love to throw) or a quick after work/before dinner cocktail to share our day with our closest friends. It all easily fell into place and it 100% feels meant to be. Not only do our kids and husbands all get along perfectly, I was fortunate enough to find other ladies who are a little "extra" just like me! Random gatherings have become beautiful memory making moments.


I'm VERY COMPETITIVE! There is a chance the only person more competitive than me is my husband. Family game nights can get intense!

I would be satisfied eating cereal for any and all meals! Not that healthy adult stuff...give me all the Cocoa Puffs and Cookie Crisps.

I still watch GREY'S ANATOMY religiously! I have every single episode and still look forward to Thursday nights!

I'm not a MORNING PERSON. If I could sleep in until 10 and not have to get of of bed until 10:30, I would be the most relaxed person ever!



My favorite drink is a MARGARITA. I'm the one in the group that loves tequila, whether it's in a shot or drink.  See my favorite, clean recipe below!