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Hi! I’m Erin and I’m so grateful you found us and are taking the time to learn more!


I’m a momma of 1, wife to my high school sweetheart, web/graphic designer, crazy plant lady, and lover of all things pretty! 


My passion for creativity started pretty young and developed through high school where I took every art and graphics class I could, then attended a visual arts college and I have been working as a graphic designer ever since - about 16 years! 


Once our daughter was born, creating elaborate birthday parties for her became an extra creative outlet for me. Picking a theme based on her interests each year and bringing that theme to life is something that still makes me so excited to this day! Turning fun party ideas into a beautiful birthday party makes each year so much fun!

I feel so grateful everyday to have met our neighbor friends who quickly became more like family. It was so amazing to find 4 other mommas who were passionate about throwing parties and just making everyday moments memorable for us and our families! 


I'm a CRAZY PLANT LADY - I currently have 52 plants in my house...and counting!!

I LOVE FAST FOOD and would eat it every. single. day. If it wasn't so bad for me. TACO BELL - Partner with us!

TRUE CRIME LOVER - give me all of the true crime podcasts and documentaries

I'm 6' TALL, but love to say that I'm 5' 11" because it sounds less intense :)



My go-to drink is definitely a DIRTY MARTINI. I swear, we have seriously perfected the recipe - check it out below!

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